Marley Coffee

We created a automated coffee kiosk that can brew a fresh ground cup of coffee for anyone.  Within months of the original concept and prototype.  Sales and leads were generated and within months of that, sales reached over $1 million.  We created the website, prototype, media, press, price points, and all other marketing material.

See Inside Studios

Took on the tremendous task of creating sales and marketing procedures for the Southern California market.  Google launched the business view virtual tour platform in an aggressive aspect, starting in 2014.  Our teams were able to create an all encompassing virtual tour for over 1000 businesses in Southern California.  Massive marketing campaigns along with creative sales tactics allowed for a massive success.

Power Drop

Considered a true startup.  Established in 2016 with a unique concept,  Power Drop has become a million dollar company in both the retail and vending industry.  Power Drop is now considered to be the leader in the single-use charger industry as well as a vending presence in airports, malls, and universities throughout North America.

Intazza Cafes

We took a small brand in San Diego and created a nationwide coffee craze with the Intazza Cafes.  Using focused marketing and effective campaigns, we were able to surpass $1 million in sales for 2016.  Buyers of the cafes were assisted with financing, entity creation, and on going support.  By the end of 2016 there was an Intazza Cafe in almost every major city.